Raphael Jost

"Raphael Jost is that rarest of birds: A singer/songwriter with a great voice and great songs, who's also an instrumentalist capable of sharing the stage with the best. Jost is the complete package." - Will Vinson (British Jazz saxophone player)

He’s a singer, pianist, song-writer, arranger and band leader, only 29 years of age and in 2015 he was honoured with the Swiss Jazz Award – there’s no doubt: Raphael Jost can be described as an exceptional talent. He’s got a surprisingly powerful and warm voice and knows how to blur the boundaries between jazz and pop better than anyone else.
With his „lots of horns“-band Jost presents mostly original songs in which he proves a great sense for catchy melodies and his undoubted skills as an arranger. He enjoys crooning like Frank Sinatra and at the same time isn’t afraid of giving a complete overhaul to some of his favourite pop songs - always surrounded by a horn section consisting of five outstanding soloists which all together are able to sound like a massive big band.


Raphael Jost - voc, piano
Raphael Walser - double bass
Jonas Ruther - drums
Lukas Thöni - trumpet / flugelhorn
Florian Egli - alto sax / soprano sax / flute
Christoph Grab - tenor sax
Lukas Wyss - trombone
Nils Fischer - baritone sax / bass clarinet

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